Kids Corner

Helping little humans achieve big outcomes with horses

Dedicated Kids holiday horse camps

Build confidence, Develop balance, improve communication and team work all disguised as fun with horses.

Our kids horse riding camps are personal development in the disguise of fun horse activities. Over the years we’ve seen the transformational experiences our young riders have as they learn transferrable skills that not only help them with riding, but also with tackling the everyday challenges of life! Our core principles of clear communication, mindfulness, understanding your personal body-space, moving with intention and problem solving are integral to our experiences on horseback. We can accommodate groups of up to 15 young riders with itineraries ranging from full day experiences through to multiday experiences tailored to your specific group needs. 

Vaulting Sessons

Confidence, Co-ordination, Balance, rythm, Team-work

Vaulting is the perfect activity for kids of all physical abilities aged 3 and above. Our aim is to increase the awareness, building team trust, responsibility and confidence.

So much more than simply riding, vaulting combines acrobatic movements on horseback and offers an exciting yet Safe modality to teach a number of important skills and attributes. 

In just a few short sessions we’ve seen complete transformations in confidence, balance, co-ordination and a true sense of belonging as we work as a team and learn how to help one another fly.

Horsemanship from the ground Up

Learning to care for horses

Working alongside horses provides many opportunities for learning a number of key outcomes such as: Clear Communication, Trust, Leadership, Personal Boundaries, Empathy, Problem Solving and more!

Our Horsemanship lessons start from the ground up as we teach your little humans not only how to care for the horse (brushing, grooming, feeding) but also how to develop communication skills, learning how to use their bodies and intentions as a clear form of communication in a fun and safe environment. 

Horse Treks

Learning to find your center through balanced riding.

Our horse treks are suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels and are a fun way to develop Core Strength, Balance and Co-ordination whilst practicing clear communication and riding with intent.

Our highly trained & versatile horses can adapt to all riding levels and provide a memorable experience for all. Horse treks can be adapted to suit the individual needs of your group with a focus on lessons, trekking or mounted vaulting. 

Comfortable accommodation.

Camp under the stars or book our homestead.

We offer a number of accommodation options for our Kids Camp Riding Holidays that can be tailored to your desired outcome. From Rooms in our funky horse themed homestead, to sleeping under the stars in our campground, contained sleep outs. We have everything you might need to rest your head after a day of riding!

Check out the Glowworms at night, try our indoor climbing wall or go for a swing or a swim down at the lake. 

Frequently Asked Kids Programs Questions

Our kids programs are open to children from the age of 5 all the way through to adults. if your child is younger than five give us a ring, we may still be able to organise something for them 🙂

Appropriate clothing: Long comfortable pants (no zip-offfs), closed shoes and a jumper.

Of course! We know how much it is to help get the horses ready for their big day and we’d love to have an extra set of hads to lead, brush and groom our horses.

No, we can teach you everything you need to know about how to care for as well as how to ride – focused on balanced centred riding.

No, please make sure to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle.