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Our affiliate partner program gives you the opportunity to automatically earn up to 10% commission every time someone books one of our rides using your unique link or promo code. 

Our affiliate partner program is the perfect compliment for accommodation providers, tourism operators and travel agents looking to showcase our region whilst earning commission for bookings as a thank you from us. It’s easy to apply and once you’re set up it’s even easier to earn from referrals.


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Products on offer:

Hack Track

The perfect introduction to balanced riding for riders of all ages, the Hack Track is a 1.5h ride through our rolling farm country. Ride through native forests, with great views of the ocean and enough ups and downs to challenge new riders.

Paton's Rock Beach Ride

Our most popular ride for riders of all abilities. The Paton’s Rock Beach ride takes you through our famous Hack Track down to the beach where will you be able to explore the scenic coastal vistas.

Swimming with Horses

There are few things quite as magical as swimming with your horse in the ocean. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Golden bay as we ride down to Paton’s Rock Beach, untack and feel the waves flow underneath you as you swim in crystal clear water.

Sunrise/Sunset Ride

Our sunset rides take you through native forest and rolling farm country before hitting the beach and watching the sun paint the sky red as it sets behind the waves. If the conditions allow, you may eve spot some glow-worms on your way back.

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Once approved, you’ll be given a unique partner link that can be used anywhere on your digital presence. Any bookings made using your link will be automatically tracked you will earn 10% commission for every completed booking.

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Excellent day at
Patons Rock Beach
Lunch on the trail.
Redwing,  the always hungry horse 🙄🤠
Sometimes you just can't contain the feeling of exhilaration that bubbles up when you find your confidence in the saddle.  This photo was taken a few moments after Annette and Brunner had gone for their first canter of the day together along the shimmering sands of #patonsrock beach.  The photo says it all,  Ride on!  #horsesofinstagram #horseholiday #newzealand  #horsenation #takaka #goldenbay #dosomethingnewnz #horserider #horsemanship #appaloosa #hackfarm
"Horses Lend us the wings we lack" 
- Pam Brown  Every rider can remember the very first time they went for a canter. The gift of flight offered in partnership with your horse that leaves you feeling so much lighter, so much... 'more' than you were before.  We cherish these moments, and with experiences like our "Ride & FLy" we love helping our guests find their own wings in a fun and safe manner.  #horsesofinstagram #horse #Hackfarm #GoldenBay #Takaka #BrownAcre #vaulting #RideandFly #NelsonTasman #Horsemanship #visitgoldenbay
#Arnie ready for what ever thr weather might throw at him.
Sound On 🎶  As well as the ever changing coastal beauty of #goldenbaynz , our #horse trails are full of surprises around every corner! From kids flying kites to balls being kicked around to racing go carts and motorbikes - No two days are ever the same!  So how do you prepare a horse for the unexpected? How do we train our trekking team to stay cool, calm and comfortable regardless of what they might encounter?  Well... it all starts with a foundation of good #horsemanship principles: encouraging curiosity over fear and helping them find their own calm in the face of something new. Once we've taught them these tools, we regularly like to check in and challenge our team with new and exciting obstacles.  To help us to this end, we bring in some of the best teachers we know: our tried and trusted old timers to show the newbies the ropes. In this video you'll see #brownacre, #song and #arnie all lending their courage to the newbies like #kelly .  What's your favorite game to play with your horse? 🙂  Ride on!
One of the coolest things about having a herd of highly trained equine workmates is how well they can adapt to and take care of riders of all ages and abilities.  This amazing morning out on one of our #patonsrock beach rides is the perfect example with a mixed group of 9 riders of all abilities from a few 1st timers to a couple of seasoned riders.  Young kids taking the reigns for the first time through to adults dusting off the cob webs from their lpng retired riding  pants to get back into the saddle - all able to challenge themselves in a fun and safe way and get the most out of their ride.  To our guests, thank you all for such a fun morning and bringing such enthusiasm and joy along for the ride.  To our #horses, thank you for being awesome! 🐎 🥰  Ride on!  #arnie #brunner
What better way to say goodbye to a wonderful guide than a #sunrise ride to welcome in the new dawn. Anna, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the last 3 months!  We're all going to miss you so much (Especially #Arnie) and we look forward to following your journey with #horses.
#arnie and #leonard riding past the remnants of an ancient Kahikatea forest on our 4 hour #rangiride.  So much to see and experience on the Rangihaeata Headland and it's diversity of coastal tidal landscapes.  #Rangihaeata #Visitgoldenbay #Goldenbay #horsesofinstagram
One of our young riders doing a great job of finding his centre and standing up as he helps #jasper climb the winding hill of our #hacktrack.  As summer slowly starts to wind down, autumn begins to paint the leaves with her golden colors and the changes are just beautiful!  #kidsridinghorses #youngrider #hacknstay
#Rangihaeata is a favourite destination for guides, #horses and guests. Thought we'd share this little slice of heaven of us cantering on reflected clouds on this wonderful #rangiride.  Thank you for an awesome ride, so great to see the horses have so much fun!  #goldenbaynz #hacknstay #fulldayride #horsesofinstagram #beachriding
Some fun at the lake on the rope swing, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Summer.  #camping #familyfun