Beautiful Brunner the One Eyed Wonder

Breed | Appaloosa

Nickname | Beautiful Brunner the One Eyed Wonder

Born | 2010

Suited For | Intermediate / Advanced

A bit about me:

I had an accident when I was baby and damaged one of my eyes. Bumma, some mistakes are we doing just once, eh? I am very elegant. I lower my head a bit more to check things out and love to go for a lovely ride along the sands. Crawling over the rocks is not what I like most, a roll in the sand instead would be juuuuust fine. I even don’t mind if you sit on me :)
Mixed riding abilities!
No problem - One fun 😊
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One of the coolest things about having a herd of highly trained equine workmates is how well they can adapt to and take care of riders of all ages and abilities.
This amazing morning out on one of our #patonsrock beach rides is the perfect example with a mixed group of 9 riders of all abilities from a few 1st timers to a couple of seasoned riders. 
Young kids taking the reigns for the first time through to adults dusting off the cob webs from their lpng retired riding  pants to get back into the saddle - all able to challenge themselves in a fun and safe way and get the most out of their ride.
To our guests, thank you all for such a fun morning and bringing such enthusiasm and joy along for the ride.
To our #horses, thank you for being awesome! 🐎 🥰
Ride on!
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Rainy days aren’t so bad! .
. . 
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What a perfect spot to catch the last light of the day ☀
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Meet Beautiful Brunner! (here with Lucky the babygoat)
She is our most elegant horse, really soft with nice transitions. She needs a rider with a good soft elbow, because she sometimes needs to lower her head a bit more. A strong, well balanced Appaloosa with a mohawk mane! 
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