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Volunteers or Working Student

Volunteers/ Working Students at the Hack Farm

The Hack Farm is in continuous improvement and growth and therefore we welcome volunteers or interns in hospitality, farming/gardening or working students for horsemanship. You will need a Work and Holiday Visa from NZ Immigration


Please look through our requirements before you apply.

General requirements

The Hack Farm is looking for pro-active and diligent people with a can do attitude. We are looking for people who are willing to invest 4 weeks or more of their time. This time is necessary to acquaint yourself with the Hack Farms daily operations and being able to contribute as well. Our diet consists preferably of what we grow ourselves, and as we have some freezer stock.  You need to be independant with your own cooking. We supply your food. You will live in our funky farm house. 

We are looking for people with a good work ethic, who are resilient to a little hecticness every now and then. A second language like French, Spanish, ... would be great. We do have a riders weight limit of 90 kg. Riding is not part of the volunteering time. You can choose to help on the farm for 4-5 hours daily (afternoon2 pm-7pm/3 pm-8pm) If you like to do riding and or join as a guide do you need to do that in addition and be willing to learn the centred riding technique and horsemanship we are using at Hackfarm.


Our accommodation options are a 8-site camping ground and a 6-bed Farm stay in our “Funky Farmhouse”. Volunteers/interns are in charge of the welcoming of guests, the housekeeping and cooking. If you enjoy the company of people and can give our guests that bit of extra friendliness, we are looking for you.

Farming & Gardening

The Hack Farm is 12 hectare Farm with 14 horses, a house of chickens, one dog and a beautiful edible garden. Volunteers/interns are in charge of taking care of the animals and maintaining the garden & grounds. Tasks include de-weeding,lawn mowing, fencing of the property, feeding the animals and planting & growing crops.

Horsemanship & Guiding

If you have specialized training or ambitions in horsemanship or vaulting please contact us to talk about what we can offer each other.

Creative talents are welcome!

We provide a inspiring environment for artists who would like to add to our home in the forms of for example painting, photography, sculptures, graphic design or video footage.

Working Student - Horse related

NEW - Working Student Program 

since  2018 do we offer a working student program from August to November. People with more interest in horses can gain lots of skills. 3-4 hours per day extra horse related tuition. You will be involved in horse riding, pasture management, horse health, tack, young horse and re- training, vaulting, guiding, schooling, teaching, shoeing and trimming. This will involves time from our professionals for you but gives you the option to skill up in no time. The cost for this special training is NZ$2500 per Month ( incl. host and food, internet and laundry) 

Max 3 Month with the option to work over the peak season for us ( Dec - March) as a guide and earn the money more than back - well here you go :)